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Which Reptiles Make Good Pets?

Thinking about getting a pet reptile in Telford? They can be great companions, but only if you choose the right species. Some reptiles are notoriously hard to care for and really aren’t suitable for beginners. If you’re wondering which reptiles make good pets or what kind of reptile supplies you’ll need, this post is for you.

Reptiles That Make Great Pets

First, let’s look at some of the best types of reptiles that make great pets for both kids and adults.

Bearded Dragons

These are incredibly popular because they make such great pets. They’re easy for kids to handle and are resilient, which means they’ll be able to handle young kids being a little too rough.

They’re usually friendly and outgoing and very much enjoy interacting with their keepers. You’ve probably even seen some owners taking them out for walks on mini lizard leads.

Leopard Geckos

These are simple to look after and also handle very well. Since they’re small, they are easy to house and look beautiful. They come in a huge range of colours and make a great first lizard, especially if you have a child who is interested in reptiles.

Corns Snakes

Corn snakes only grow to about four feet long, so you won’t have to worry about it getting too large for its enclosure. They are very gentle and don’t require much attention. They feed well and also come in a beautiful variety of colours and patterns, so they look gorgeous in their tanks.

Crested Gecko

Who doesn’t love a gecko? These require less heating than most reptiles, so they’re usually happy in your average centrally heated home. Although they are very happy with bugs, they can also thrive on fruit-based meal replacements, so they’re a great option if you don’t like having live bugs in your home.

Royal Python

Compared to other types of pythons, the royal python is calm and gentle and stays relatively small. This means their housing doesn’t have to be huge, and they won’t outgrow their enclosure quickly. They’re usually good feeders and come in a lovely range of colours and patterns.

4 Reptiles That are Difficult Pets

Now, let’s quickly look at some reptiles that don’t make great pets for beginners.

  • Yellow-bellied sliders: these have great personalities but grow very large and need a lot of water to be healthy in an enclosure.
  • Burmese pythons: these will grow up to around nine feet within a year of hatching and need to be fed live prey – not great for beginners!
  • Bosc monitors: these are inquisitive with great personalities, but they require massive zoo-like enclosures to be happy.
  • Iguanas: these are a popular type of lizard to keep as a pet, but they require a very specific diet and exacting environmental conditions. Not to mention the males can reach about six feet in length.

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