Quality Fish Tanks and Aquariums in Telford

Planning to set up an aquarium in your home? Visit us at Dawley Pet Supplies for a variety of fish, fish tank filters, fish food and aquarium equipment.


Fish food we offer:

  • Nutritious flake foods
  • Frozen Foods
  • Pond Sticks
  • Algae wafers
  • Pond pellets
  • Pond food

Equipment and accessories for fish tanks

Our pet shop in Telford stocks a variety of high-quality tanks, lighting equipment, fish tank filters, aerators, heaters and thermostats. We also provide several varieties of aquarium accessories, such as plants, sand, gravel and algae cleaning magnets. Our products are top-quality and our prices are highly competitive.

Pet Shop in Telford

"Cheap prices and amazing customer focus makes this my only pet shop. Maybe bigger chains could learn something from these!"

Lenny Penn


Whether you are looking for a reliable stockist for pet food or you've got a new pet and you need expert advice on the best products and accessories to help make them at home, we can help. We have a free delivery service in Telford and stock a wide range of pet care products ranging from food to hutches. Call us today for advice: 01952 505 327