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How to Look After Your Tropical Fish

Would you love to have a tropical fish tank, but you’re not sure how to look after them? They make a wonderful addition to a home, but they do have some specific requirements. In this quick guide, our pet experts in Telford will show you how to look after tropical fish and how you should set up your new aquarium.

Aquarium Location

Before you do anything else, you should make sure you have an appropriate location for your new aquarium. The location of the tank can have a huge impact on the health of the fish, so give this some careful thought. It should be in a quiet spot, away from the TV, radio, or other loud appliances, and not too close to any windows to avoid glare and unwanted noise.

Water Temperature

Different tropical fish require different water temperatures to survive. When you’re researching the type of tropical fish you want, make sure they’re all happy with the same water temperature. You’ll then need to get a water thermometer to make sure the water is at the correct temperature at all times. Even a couple of degrees off is enough to harm and even kill a tropical fish, so make sure you get this right.

Equipment Needed To Care For Your Tropical Fish

We always recommend getting the biggest tank possible for tropical fish to swim around. There are minimum space requirements for different types of tropical fish, but the bigger, the better.

You’ll also need an aquarium light, specific tropical fish gravel, an appropriately-sized filter, a thermometer, and a heater. If you want expert advice, our team at Dawley Pet Supplies will be happy to ensure you have all the appropriate equipment for your new tropical aquarium.

Feeding Your Fish

Some tropical fish prefer to eat pellets, while others do better with flakes. Our team can advise you on the best type of food for the type of fish you’re looking to buy, but make sure to do some research so your fish is happy and healthy.

Adding New Fish

Only certain types of tropical fish can be kept together in a tank. Some species just don’t gel well and can end up attacking and eating each other. It’s best to start with one type of fish and get them acclimated to the tank. Once they’re happy, you can look into adding new species as tank buddies – but only after getting advice on the types of fish.

Cleaning Your Fish Tank

Tropical fish tanks need to be kept immaculately clean for the fish to stay healthy. Once a month, you’ll need to clean the tank to wash out the filter, remove any algae, and make sure all the accessories are clean. It can be a long task, but it’s worth doing to keep your fish happy and healthy.

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