Find the Right Reptile Supplies For Your Pet

Reptilian pets are more demanding to own and care for than other pets. Find the right approach and products for their care at Dawley Pet Supplies. Visit our store in Telford for quality reptile care essentials and accessories.

reptile supplies in telford

You can find these reptiles here:

  • Bearded dragons
  • Yemen chameleons
  • Horsfield’s tortoises
  • Carolina corn snakes
  • Royal pythons
  • Leopard geckos
  • Crested geckos
  • All sizes of frozen foods
  • Live Foods – hoppers, crickets, mario worms, mealworms
  • Different species of frogs eg: peppermint, horned frog, trauanlus, african land snails.

Housing and bedding

Set up a vivarium in your home for the care and comfort of your pet. We supply heating equipment for your cold-blooded friends, such as heat bulbs e.g.ceramic,halogen,deep heat, daylight bulbs,ceramic light fittings, light guards, thermostats,dimmer stas, temperature thermostat mat stats,T5 UV lighting and heat mats. The substrates we provide include orchid bark,rocks & cages,coconut litter, aspen bedding, beech chip and desert sand,tropical bedding, tortoise substrate, sphagnum moss. We also offer a wide variety of plants, branches, corn bark and rocks for your reptile housing.

Pet Shop in Telford

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Whether you are looking for a reliable stockist for pet food or you've got a new pet and you need expert advice on the best products and accessories to help make them at home, we can help. We have a free delivery service in Telford and stock a wide range of pet care products ranging from food to hutches. Call us today for advice: 01952 505 327