All The Small Pet Supplies You Need for Your Pets

Can’t find suitable foods for your hamster or guinea pig? Visit us at Dawley Pet Supplies and speak to our pet care specialists. We stock a large variety of foods and other essentials for small pets.

Samll Pets supplies

Our Products:

    • Nutritionally balanced small pet food
    • Beddings with straw,hay,bale shavings & housing
    • Treats, toys and accessories
    • Hygiene and grooming products
    • Food and water apparatus
    • Wide range of suitable cages
    • Indoor guinea pig cages
    • Outdoor rabbit cages

Cages and Accessories

Are you planning to get a small pet such as a hamster, a guinea pig or a rabbit? If so, then stock up on all the necessary items for their care. From rabbit hutches to advanced hamster cages with tube systems, we supply it all.

Pet Shop in Telford

"Cheap prices and amazing customer focus makes this my only pet shop. Maybe bigger chains could learn something from these!"

Lenny Penn


Whether you are looking for a reliable stockist for pet food or you've got a new pet and you need expert advice on the best products and accessories to help make them at home, we can help. We have a free delivery service in Telford and stock a wide range of pet care products ranging from food to hutches. Call us today for advice: 01952 505 327